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Summer peak electricity consumption period

How to use a steam generator to save electricity?

Xiaowei's suggestion~

Choose the appropriate device

Is the smaller the power of the device, the more it can save on electricity bills? In fact, if the power of the equipment cannot meet the ironing demand, the efficiency of ironing will be greatly reduced, and the power consumption will increase as the equipment runs longer.

The Hemway steam generator has multiple power options from 18-576KW, and can also provide customized products according to demand, avoiding the phenomenon of "small horses pulling big cars or big horses pulling small cars" and reducing energy waste in the production process.

Skilled use of rest mode

The Hemway device is equipped with an intelligent rest mode, which can switch the device to rest mode during a short shutdown. At this time, the device is in standby mode, and can quickly switch to work mode during rework to avoid frequent power on and off, reduce power consumption, and cause damage to the device due to excessive current during startup.

Using softened water

If the water source used by the equipment is not softened, scale can easily form inside the furnace body and pipelines. Once scaling occurs, thermal efficiency decreases and power consumption increases accordingly.

The use of Hemway water softener can effectively remove sediment and impurities in water, soften water, not only reduce the generation of scale, but also save electricity consumption and extend the service life of the equipment.

Regular sewage discharge

After long-term operation of the equipment, if the residual water in the furnace is not discharged in a timely manner, it can be repeatedly heated and boiled in the furnace, which can also easily cause the generation of scale.


The Hemway steam generator has a one button automatic blowdown function. When finishing work, turn the knob to the "off duty" position, and the equipment will enter automatic blowdown mode. Daily sewage discharge not only ensures the cleanliness of the furnace, but also avoids the increase in power consumption caused by scaling.