Hemway small and medium ironing power saving star H98V10hits [89] publish time :2024-05-24

Still put up with the high power consumption and unstable pressure of traditional ironing equipment? Hemway small and medium ironing power saving star H98V10 several advantages to help you solve the problem!



Advantage one :energy efficient, goodbye to high power consumption

H98V10 ironing equipment adopts advanced energy-saving technology, frequency conversion heating technology coupled with intelligent control system, can significantly improve the energy efficiency ratio, saving equipment power consumption up to 50% or more.


Advantage two: stabilises pressure and improves ironing quality

The patented pressure stabilisation system ensures stable and even pressure during the ironing process, giving you better ironing quality.


Advantage three: vapour separation, steam drying

Separation of steam and water technology makes the steam output drier. It can not only shorten the drying time of the clothes after ironing, but also allow the clothes to enter the subsequent process more quickly, thus improving work efficiency.


Advantage four: intelligent sewage, automatic maintenance

Intelligent sewage system, at the close of business, just turn the knob to the end of the shift, the equipment will automatically complete the sewage in about 2 minutes and shut down the machine itself. Daily automatic maintenance effectively reduces the formation of scale in the furnace, making the equipment more durable.


Advantage five :multiple protection, safe and reliable

Equipped with overheating protection, pressure control system, pressure relief protection, anti-dry burning protection and other multiple protection measures to ensure production safety, no worries.



Up to now H98V series has served thousands of garment enterprises at home and abroad what are you waiting for?