An energy-saving ironing machine more suitable for garment big ironinghits [40] publish time :2024-06-29

In the process of garment ironing, steam pressure, dryness, continuity and other factors are the key to the ironing effect.Therefore, in practice, we should choose the appropriate steam equipment to get the best ironing results according to the material and thickness of the clothing and other factors.An energy-saving ironing machine more suitable for garment big ironing - H98V20 is thus born.


Sufficient Steam No Moisture


Adopting steam stabilisation technology with a steam output of up to 5.7kg per hour, equipped with a vapour separation device, the steam dries without moisture and saves the garment drying time, thus allowing it to move on to the subsequent processes more quickly.


Fast heating and labour saving


H98V20 adopts fast heating technology, which can produce high temperature steam to meet the ironing demand in about 5 minutes after switching on, greatly saving working hours.

More than 50% energy saving


The patented energy-saving ironing system, with its unique frequency conversion heating technology and design optimisation, enables the equipment to save up to 50% or more energy compared to traditional boilers.


Imported core spare parts


H98V20 adopts imported control system. Electric ball valves, pumps and other accessories are also fully upgraded, more stable performance.

Ironing configuration can be selected


H98V20 support the ironing flexible options which comes with a full steam iron by default or an electrically heated iron on request. It is suitable for large ironing and can also be used for small and medium ironing at the same time.


Multiple safety protection


Overheating protection, overpressure protection, pressure relief protection, anti-dry burning protection and other multiple protection measures to ensure production safety.


Super high appearance, stable steam output capability, flexible pressure adjustment function, and excellent energy-saving performance make H98V20 the best choice for many well-known clothing companies., up to now H98V series has served thousands of domestic and foreign apparel companies, what are you waiting for?